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Carl Fogliani

The Unlikeliest Winner- National Review, 11/12/2014

“We had a candidate who worked like a dog and went after Democratic votes,” says Fogliani. “[Costa] thought he could give [voters] the lip service of the past, and that they would always buy it, but they didn’t.”

California Candidate’s Gun Giveaway Fundraiser Will Go On, 12/4/2015

“Some people on the left want this to be about guns,” Fogliani said. “I think there are other aspects: trying to focus on the refugee and visa issue and on security.”


Lee Neves

Image Shaper, Destiny Maker, May/June 2017- Karima Magazine

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva Sends Out Mailers Showing Michael Tubbs As A Baby, 10/20/2016- KTXL Fox40

Stockton Police Union Calls for Silva’s Resignation, 8/4/2016- KTXL Fox40

Stockton Mayor Spotted Putting Up Campaign Signs at Gas Station Wearing Bathrobe, 4/26/2016- KTXL Fox40

Donald Trump Could Hurt—and Help—Key Congressional Races in California , Los Angeles Times- 2/20/2016

Police Union Head Announces Run For Congress, 3/18/2015- Stockton Record

Stockton Mayor Complains He’s Out of the Loop, 1/15/2015

9th Congressional District: McNerney Retains House Seat Despite Tight Race, 11/10/2014

More of a shocker is the slim lead Republican Johnny Tacherra has over incumbent Rep. Jim Costa, D-Fresno.

“I think that the voters were really, really upset about people who didn’t deliver,” said Lee Neves, a Stockton political consultant working with the Tacherra campaign. He said voters were dissatisfied with Costa on water issues as well as with Obama, whom they associated with Costa.


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